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We can summarize it in two words: «Interactive catalog». Virtual reality provides us with a powerful tool with which we generate the user the feeling of being in a virtual world, where the protagonist is the user.

We call it an interactive catalog because the user interacts with the environment, that is, they will be able to apply the different finishes in real time on floors, cladding, facades, etc. Where you can see the wide range of products of Grupo Greco Gres.

Application developed for HTC VIVE virtual reality glasses. Also developed in PC version, where glasses are not necessary.

Interactive Show Room

In this application we show the wide range of ceramic products from the Venatto and Frontek collections. The different finishes are shown where the user can interact with it, being able to apply finishes to the pieces and flooring. You can also see the different construction solutions of Frontek ventilated façade systems.

Constructive process

The objective of this experience is to show the application of our Venatto and Frontek products in a single-family home. The user will be able to see an animation of the construction process of the Frontek ventilated façade system. You will be able to interact with it by changing the material of the facade, in addition to the interior flooring.